If you are looking for reviews on the latest inflatable camping and kayak equipment... then look no further!

North America has some of the top waterways and paddling spots in the whole world! If you love kayaking and camping then you don't want to miss our guides on the best inflatable gear to take on your next trip!

Best Inflatable Canoe

Thankfully, you don't need to haul around a traditional cubersome kayaks like the old days, we now have blow up canoes. We’ve come up with this best inflatable canoe buying guide to help you arrive at a well-informed buying decision. 

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blow up inflatable tent for camping trips

Best Inflatable Tent

If you are a regular camper, but have had enough of the time consuming task of setting up of a tent, then you should check out our review on the best inflatable tent, which are far easier for regular travelling.

Best Inflatable Fishing Kayak

Maybe you are into fishing and have already decided that inflatbale kayaks aren't cut out for fishing. Well, not to worry, we a review for the the best inflatable fishing kayak on the market.

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Best 3 Person Kayak

So you want to get your family into your love of kayaking? Well in this case you will need to get a 3 person kayak at the very minimum. 

Best Coleman Kayaks

Everyone knows Coleman is one of the more reputabale brands in the US. Did you know that they not only manufacture canoes but also inflatable kayaks! We have put together a guide on the top Coleman inflatable kayaks on the market.

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Best Kayaks for Youngers

Looking to take out some younger kids and teens canoing on the water, well don't miss our reviews on on the best kids kayak and the top youth kayak to check out!

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