About Us

At Campvec, we help families, individuals, and even children get the most from their camping and kayaking trips. We understand that these trips to various resorts can be somewhat unnerving.

We are here to help!

We are a team of experts, researchers, and writers on all things camping and kayaking. And with over a decade of combined experience, we are well-placed to make your trip as exciting as never before.

You can rest assured that every resource, review, suggestion, and recommendation that we provide is streamlined. About that, we have categories that suit every aspect of camping and kayaking.

Thanks to our streamlined organization, we are sure you'll find help swiftly. Then you can apply them to your skis, snowboards, boats, and lots more.

Also, we didn't only organize our resource base. We ensure that the pieces are comprehensive. Even a 7th grader will understand our guides and reviews at a go.

Experts Of Camping And Kayaking At Your Aid

Reading guides online can be somewhat displeasing. Most times, you can feel the lack of experience from the writers.

At times, you will even wonder if the writers understand the tools they discuss. Here at Campvec, you won't experience such displeasure.

Instead, you will get guides and reviews from campers and kayakers. We are first vacation lovers before researchers and even writers.

We go for camps across North America and even beyond. We understand the rigors.

That's not all; we know the feeling of losing your expensive ski gear because of inadequate ski locks.

For those reasons, our resources are all from a vantage point. We have experienced all the ordeals. And we're here to ensure you don't go through such.

Visually-engaging And Snackable Resources

Indeed, our camping experience will prove useful to you. But we did one better.

We understand that you might not even understand the terms and equipment - especially if you're a first-timer. To appropriate such concerns, a core aspect of our guides focuses on design.

Before publishing, we ensure we fit befitting images that summarize what we are discussing. That will come in handy if such a product is new to you. In essence, comprehension is easy when you see the parts discussed.

Besides the visuals, our resources are simple to understand. Our core writers grasp how to break information into snackable bits that even a 7th grader will comprehend.

Our Readers Find Value With Us

We receive reports from our audience of how easy and heads-on our guides have been to them. That is because we take time to research all that we put out.

First, our experienced campers and kayakers stamp their authority on the content. After, our writers ensure that the information is in the most comprehensive manner possible.

In the end, our audience gets what they want within minutes. That way, they get to enjoy their camping and kayaking trips.

We know you will find value with us too!

Get In Touch, And Let's Talk!

It doesn't matter if you're a camper or just an enthusiast. You could even be a writer or a reader with an inquiry.

Either way, we will love to hear from you. Nothing more will please us at Campvec than seeing you get the best from your kayaking vacations!