Join A Team That Have Fun Even As Help Others Have Fun

How do you feel about the idea of transforming work into fun? When you do what you love (i.e., camping), that's what you'd experience.

If such experience is what you seek, then you should join us to explore new depths of camping and kayaking.

What We Need

  • You go camping in various parts of the world. In other words, you own a few kayaking gears, as those are the things we will be discussing.
  • You cherish helping others; putting smiles on people's faces steers your passions.
  • You are a writer or editor with experience with camping. If not, you should show interest in outdoor activities - especially kayaking.

Do any of those descriptions match your skillset and person? Yes?

Then, we will love you to apply with us. Don't fret; it's a simple process. Just click on the apply button and send us one of your beautiful camping experiences!

Why You Should Work With Us At Campvec


At Campvec, we implore our team to express themselves freely. We believe once you can show your true self, then work itself will become even more fun for you.

That way, you'll attain heights you never thought possible.

Learn & Have Fun

When writing about places and equipment we have no prior experience, we take the time to go on a trip. We get those gadgets and go test them out.

Fun, eh?

That's what you'll experience with us. We will give you a platform that lets you be yourself, have fun, and grow.

Let's get you into our culture of helping others and ourselves. What do you say?

Apply now via our contact form.