Coleman Inflatable Kayak - What YOU Need to Know!

Coleman One-Person Inflatable Kayak - Buyers Guide 

Introducing the Coleman Inflatable Kayak - No more fearing kayaking, no more missing the fun and no more daydreaming about that outdoor activity. You want to seize the kayaking thrill. With the right inflatable kayak, paddling, fishing, family outdoor, and touring is plain fun. They`re lightweight; therefore, portable, inflate fast, work fine for fishing, and are easy to climb even while swimming on the water. But there are hundreds of one-person inflatable kayak outside there. Let`s focus on only the best and the most useful to seize the kayaking thrill. Tons of people in the kayaking world are using it, putting it in test and, thus, help to vet it. To be one of the best-in-class, Coleman inflatable kayak meets three requirements. It is:

  1. Widely used by the kayaking community
  2. Offer above-board value plus an ultimate thrill
  3. Extreme portability


Overview of the One-Person Coleman Inflatable Sport Kayak:

While there are hundreds of one-person and two-person inflatable kayak in the kayaking world, Coleman inflatable kayak is one of the world`s best when kayaking almost anywhere.

It is well-knitted with sophisticated features, to offer you a super in-depth kayaking thrill. And here`s what makes Coleman inflatable kayak different:

First of all, regardless of your kayaking skills, this kayak has a lineup of sophisticated features to ensure safety, comfort, and ease of use. If you`re a beginner, the kayak presents ease to assemble, comfort to paddle, and incredible stability. And if you`re a veteran, it eases the handling—you don’t have to worry about lifting your kayak and trying hard to fit it to in your car.

Second, it has reduced the wear and tear effect. Get assured of durability from the heavy-duty construction—it is one of the most durable inflatable kayaks.

Thirdly, the spacious cockpit carter for any body size—whether you have longer legs and big body size. The kayak offers spacious and sturdy kayaking solution. Besides, the inflatable backrest adds support, and adjustable firmness ensures seamless comfort while kayaking. And as if that isn`t enough, Coleman inflatable kayak guarantees you no leak from the two airtight besides offering an innovative cargo net that securely stores your gears in place. And even more, the kayak is extremely portable. You only need to deflate, scroll it, and pack it when done kayaking.

Let`s have an in-depth view of this kayak.

Key Feature of Coleman One-Person Inflated Kayak

Large cockpit

Enjoy kayaking regardless of your body size or leg size. Coleman inflatable kayak comes with a spacious cockpit to give you the thrill even when you`ve long leg size or bigger body size. The big cockpit area eases getting in and out of the kayak, carrying along with your gear, paddle, inflator, with room to spare. You can now go lake-paddling and flatwater paddling with a roomy cockpit.

Ready Portability

Inflatable literally means ease to deflate when you want to pack your kayak. Coleman inflatable kayak comes with modern construction, lightweight and conveniently foldable design. The kayak can securely shrink and carry it around all over the place easily. After kayaking, deflate, scroll and set your kayak at the trunk of your car.

Innovative cargo net

This elasticized, super stretchy grid mesh, with reinforced edges cargo net, present an apt way to carry gear and securing even smaller item. It is large enough to hold several if you`re surface kayaking on flat. The small holes in the mesh make it great keeping your gear non-soaked. The cargo net makes it a suitable place to store gears.

Two tracking fins on the bottom

The built-in tracking fins at the bottom improve your steering, in crosswinds, and prevent weathercocking and allow you to paddle more efficiently. These directional fins provide more excellent directional stability eliminating the seesaw action. Besides, it comes with removable skeg that ensures directional stability.

Heavy-duty PVC Construction

Get down miles of rapids, scrape the surface of countless rocks and brushes, get the kayak molested again and again by water and it will come out through unscathed. The heavy-duty construction that is tough as nail, of this one-person sport Coleman inflatable kayak will not disappoint you. The material is resistant to abrasion like rocks making it resistant to puncture. The floor is made of 30-gauge PVC high-pressure air deck and 23-gauge on top that gets extremely rigid after inflation, but can readily roll up when deflated.

Spray skirt

Undoubtedly kayaking will leave you incredibly wet, mostly when you pass through the rough condition. To help keep you dry, during paddling, Coleman inflatable kayak with a spray skirt that reduces water splash. Airtight guaranteed not to leak.  

Pros and cons


  • Impressive durability
  • Spacious cockpit
  • Space-friendly as you can easily store them in compact spaces
  • Comes with an innovative cargo net that offers secure storage
  • Surprisingly stable because of the tracking fins on the bottom
  • Quick and easy to handle
  • Suitable for basic fishing trips
  • Easy tracking


  • The paddle that comes with it is weak
  • The speed and tracking do not match the hard shell kayak
  • The thrill is limited to calm water bodies and short period.


Question: Does the Coleman kayak comes with an extra cargo net?

Answer: Yes. It comes with a specialized cargo net to keep your gears in the right place.


Question: Will I be uncomfortable, cold or wet using the inflatable Coleman kayak?

Answer: It depends on your paddling experience. The more skilled you`re, the less likely you`ll face you`ll be uncomfortable. But Coleman inflatable kayak comes with a spray skirt that keeps you safe from water flush if you`re a beginner.

Question: Can I use an inflatable kayak to paddle in the ocean?

Answer: Yes, but stay close to the shores. Avoid going to the deep ocean, especially when you`re a beginner or with a child or youth. The waves in the ocean make kayaking with inflatable kayak dangerous. If the waves pick up, you`d have a hard time coming back.

Question: How stable is the Coleman inflatable canoe?

Answer: It is very stable. The pontoon-like side makes them nearly impossible to tip.

Customer feedback:

“I was amazed at how tough this kayak was for $60. I took it down 6 miles of rapids, scraped it over countless rocks and brush, it was molested again and again by the water, and it comes through unscathed. The only reason I give product 4 stars was the paddle was worthless, and it broke. Other than that, the kayak is quick and easy to handle. I love this kayak.” A verified Amazon buyer 10th Aug 2006.

“We bought this Kayak for two of our grandchildren for a good grade. We do a lot of camping with them, and I have a canoe. We now all go out there together and have a blast. I do not have to worry about them tipping over. It is safe and funny. Easy to paddle. I tried it myself and now my husband and I also each have one. Please make the storage to keep it when deflated. We now use a barbeque cover, and that works, but custom one would be great. Thanks for making such a fun and affordable product. 2 thumbs up for this kayak”. A verified Amazon buyer 30th Nov 2005.

“I recently took a four hour trip down the lots of rocks, and class 1 rapids and this little kayak did a great job. It outperformed the Funyak ($400 inflatable) my friends rented at $60.”  A verified Amazon buyer 2nd August 2006.

Conclusions and recommendation for the inflatable Coleman Kayak

Recommended for

  • Both beginners and veterans
  • Paddling in lakes and flatwater
  • Those who want to glide through the white waters
  • Kayaking with your kid

Not Recommended for

  • Anyone above 180 kg
  • Rough water paddling
  • High angle paddling as it features more aggressive kayaking style
  • Waters prone of sharp object. Even though the kayak is made of extremely sturdy material, there is no point of hitting sharp objects if you can avoid them.

If you or your family is tired of similar vacation, or camping tours, a one-person inflatable kayak is flawless in seizing a new kayaking thrill for multiple reasons. It is outstanding for traveling because it is readily portable—it is a matter of deflating, scrolling, and packing it.

It is often less expensive. And it is perfect in seizing water-thrill. Due to this, the demand for an inflatable kayak is extremely high, and more and more brands competitively manufacture this type of kayak.

Coleman one-person inflated kayak presents the world`s best kayaking experience at a comparatively affordable cost.

If you`re a beginner, it unlocks surety to thrill, safety, easy portability, stability.

If you`re a veteran, the kayak presents extreme portability, exciting maneuver through the water, and cost-effective kayaking experience.