Best Inflatable Fishing Kayaks - Buyers Guide For 2021

Choose a Top Inflatable Fishing Canoe For Your Summertime


Inflatable kayaks are some of the most popular forms of kayak. They're convenient and easy-to-use, and not only that but if you choose correctly, they are also suitable for fishing. But with so many inflatable fishing kayak products on the market, it can be hard to know which is best.

We're here to help you find the best choice. In this buyer's guide, we'll break down the best models available on the market. Ready to get started?

Our Top ProductsEase of PaddlingRobustness of KayakExtra FeaturesPrice / OfferOverall Score
Sea Eagle 300



We think this is the best value:

5 out of 5
3 man kayak
Sevylor Quikpak K1

three man kayaking


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3.5 out of 5

three men in a kayak
Sea Eagle SE370




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three men in a kayak
393rl Inflatable Kayak

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5 out of 5

three men in a kayak

Why Choosing the Best Inflatable Fishing Kayak is Important

Inflatable canoes can be used for many different water activities. Not every vessel is made to create the same experience. One model may have features designed for certain activities such as carp fishing and skill levels than another.

Use the following criteria to determine what type of inflatable fishing canoe or kayak has the features you'll enjoy most.


One of the best features of inflatable kayaks is how portable they are! Traditional hard shell kayaks are difficult to store and transport. Your inflatable fishing kayak will be lighter than a traditional option.

Despite this, all inflatable options vary in weight and size. Consider your own dimensions when purchasing your craft. You can easily access comparison charts online to find which inflatable fishing kayak will best fit you.

Paddling and Water Type

Consider how often you will be using your boat, and what kind of paddling you would like to do. There are inflatable fishing kayaks available for paddling activities of all experience levels, from individuals who have never paddled before to the most advanced kayak paddler.

If you plan to use your inflatable often, make sure to purchase a product that is durable. It is also important to take the kind of water you plan on paddling into consideration. Will you be taking your inflatable fishing canoe on a lake, ocean, or rapids? The kind of water you plan to venture to will have a great impact on which boat will best suit you.

Number of Passengers

Like a traditional kayak, inflatable fishing kayaks come in both single and double passenger options. How many people will be using the craft at once? Double passenger inflatables are a great option for families, couples, or individuals. They're also great for anyone who would like to bring a furry friend along for the ride.

Certain inflatable fishing kayaks offer a convertible option. This means they can be converted into either a single or double kayak. If you are unsure of how often you may be riding solo or with a friend, this is a great option.


How skilled are you at maneuvering a canoe? Certain inflatable fishing kayaks are easier to control than others. Shorter kayaks and canoes tend to be easier to maneuver than a longer option.

Beginner boats tend to be wider and shorter to allow for more control. If you are more advanced at kayaking, look at longer and narrower boats. These will allow you to gain more speed.


As with many products, a higher priced inflatable typically means it will be of higher quality and more durable. Consider your budget when looking into purchasing an inflatable fishing canoe.

A high-quality inflatable fishing kayak can range from $200-$2000 meaning that there’s something out there for every budget and need.

Best Overall Pick

Sea Eagle 420x Explorer

This product is provided by a well-known and reliable inflatable fishing kayak company. It weighs in at 42 pounds, can carry 2 to 3 adults, and is able to fit into a large duffel bag for transportation when deflated.

sea eagle 420x

The Sea Eagle 420x Explorer is a fantastic option for navigating white water rapids. We suggest you use this kayak for rapids up to class IV. The handling on this inflatable fishing kayak is unmatched. It is also extremely durable.

One of the best features offered by this inflatable fishing canoe is the self-bailing system. Of all the inflatable fishing kayak reviews, this one comes in on top for keeping users dry and safe. There is also a removable center skeg. This feature makes this kayak usable for both calm, open water and whitewater rafting.

Other features offered by this inflatable fishing canoe include a doubly reinforced floor, storage in the bow and stern, and carbon fiber paddles. We highly suggest this inflatable for advanced users.

Best High Budget Pick

Hobie Mirage i9S

This inflatable fishing kayak is made by trusted hard shell kayak producer, Hobie Mirage. This company provides award-winning kayaks, and this inflatable option is on par with any of their hard shell products.

Hobie Mirage i9S

This inflatable fishing kayak weighs in at 70 pounds. It is 9 feet long and can hold a single person. It is able to hold up to 325 pounds total, so take this into consideration when packing gear. While this is a more costly kayak, we think the features it provides makes it well worth the price.

Our favorite feature is the vast storage this inflatable fishing canoe provides in both the bow and the rear. There will be more than enough space for all of your gear and your great catches throughout the day.

This kayak also allows for easy maneuvering, courtesy of its 180 propulsion system. This is a common feature among Hobie Mirage products that they are well known for. The propulsion system is hands-free and allows you to maneuver with little effort and reverse your kayak easily.

The floor of this inflatable is very durable. The drop stitch floor and rigid bottom keep this kayak afloat with little worry about tipping or rough water. We highly recommend this inflatable fishing kayak if you have the budget available. It provides some of the best portability and space for fishers compared to most inflatable fishing kayaks on the market.

Best Affordable Pick

Sevylor Quikpak K5

This inflatable is one of the best prices on the market and includes many great features! If your budget is tight, we highly recommend purchasing this boat. It can carry one person and offers reasonable storage solutions.

sevylor quikpak k5​

We suggest that you use this inflatable fishing kayak in calmer water, as it is can be easy to puncture. If your kayak is punctured, make sure you get it repaired as soon as possible. Repairs are typically affordable, but it is an added expense you will want to take into consideration.

The Quikpak K5 comes with its own pump and paddle. That means you will not have to make these additional purchases. This is great news if you are on a tight budget.

Unlike models on our other inflatable fishing kayak reviews, this product is not self-bailing. This is, again, why we suggest using this product in calm water such as lakes. You may get quite wet when using this inflatable, so prepare before your adventure.

When it comes to inflatable fishing canoes, this option is one of the lowest prices on the market and is made by a reliable brand. If you do not plan to kayak often and are only venturing into still water, this is a wonderful option for you! You will be tightly pressed to beat the price on this inflatable.

Intex Challenger K1

This inflatable fishing kayak weighs in at a featherweight 27.2 pounds. The lightweight, long design of this boat means it is able to pick up high speeds. This is for intermediate to advanced kayakers only.

intex challenger k1​

This boat is only for a single person and features a cargo net at the front to store gear. The purchase comes with aluminum oars that won’t weigh rowers down. This inflatable fishing canoe is also durable, made from vinyl and coming complete with a repair patch and portable hand pump. It can be inflated in just 10 short minutes!

It is a great boat for calm water, as it does not have a self-bailing feature. The openness of the design and lack of self-bailing makes stable. This decreases the likelihood of tipping as you venture through the water. It does mean that you will likely get quite wet, but this shouldn’t be a problem as long as you plan ahead.

This is one of the most portable inflatable fishing canoes featured on our buying guide. When deflated, it is able to fit into the small dry bag that is provided with your purchase. Packing down to 11.8kg, it’s perfect for any trip. This is one of the best valued inflatable fishing canoes we’ve come across, and we highly recommend this model for those who want a small but sturdy raft for a great price.

Best Beginner Pick

Intex Explorer K2

This inflatable fishing kayak weighs in at 32 pounds, making it a super lightweight option. It is also a great option if you plan on kayaking with others frequently, which we suggest if you are a beginner. The design of this boat allows for easy maneuvering and lots of control. Kayakers of all levels can appreciate this model.

intex challenger k2

The bright yellow color of this inflatable makes it visible in the water. You will avoid crashing into any fellow adventurers. It comes with two paddles and its own pump, so you do not have to worry about purchasing these extra items. The rigid floor makes this inflatable fishing canoe durable and stable, so you can trust that this option will last.

This kayak has two inflatable seats for added comfort while you fish. Finally, this inflatable is both portable and easy to set up, making it suitable for all types of trips. We love this as both a beginner option and for kayakers of all levels!

Best Advanced Pick

Advanced Elements Straitedge Angler Kayak

This inflatable is great for angling and advanced use. It's great in calm water. However, it can be used in class I, II, and III rapids. If you are a well-seasoned kayaker who loves adventure, this is a great boat for you!

advanced elements straitedge angler kayak​

Our favorite feature on this inflatable fishing kayak is the rod holders designed specifically for fishing. This makes your fishing trips carefree and easy. There is also no setup needed for this boat, just inflate and hit the water! It only takes a few minutes to inflate this kayak.

This boat also features seats with high backs for comfort, d-rings, and lots of storage. This inflatable fishing canoe can handle all of your adventures and kayaking needs. It will remain durable through rough water and all types of weather, so advanced daredevils can appreciate this stellar inflatable boat.

Best Storage Pick

Hobie Mirage Compass Kayak

This boat is another great model from the reliable Hobie Mirage company! The Compass Kayak was designed specifically with storage in mind. It has a large storage area to handle all your supplies and your many wonderful catches throughout the day.

hobie mirage compass kayak​

This inflatable fishing canoe comes with many other incredible features. One of our favorites is the Drive Pedal which help make your kayaking more efficient with the use of propeller blades. These pedals are adjustable and can be used in tandem with your paddles.

This model also features a drop stitch floor. This allows for high inflation pressure. For portability, this inflatable fishing kayak includes a storage bag that is easy to carry. You can take this option along with you on any length of trip with ease.

Best Durability Pick

Sevylor Tahiti Hunt and Fish Kayak

This inflatable fishing canoe is great for both fishing and hunting! Designed with durability in mind, this boat can handle strong currents for expert fishers. Hunters will appreciate that this boat features an olive green color. It will help you blend in with your surroundings on the hunt.

sevylor tahiti hunt and fish kayak​

This inflatable is able to seat up to two people, so you can bring a friend along on your expeditions. It is able to hold up to 400 pounds total. This boat can handle all your gear and trophies.

The boat only weighs 19 pounds when deflated, so transportation is not an issue. Other great features include spray covers and adjustable seats. The spray covers add to the durability of this boat so it will remain protected from the elements while you use it without wear and tear. This boat has safety features to help in the case of puncturing. No need to worry about sinking in this sturdy and reliable inflatable fishing kayak.

Best Two Person Pick

Sevylor Coleman Kayak Colorado

Sevylor is one of the dominating inflatable kayaking brands, and for good reason. This is yet another of their fantastic products featured on our buying guide. The two-seater inflatable fishing kayak is affordable, durable, and comfortable!

sevylor coleman colorado

Two great features that set this model apart from others are its fishing rod holders and side handles. The fishing rod holders make for a relaxed experience that any fisherman can appreciate. The handles make it easy for kayakers to pull this kayak out of the water.

Other features include a weight limit of 470 pounds, excellent stability in choppy water, and a trolling motor. This inflatable fishing kayak has great quality, is transportable, and has great durability. If you enjoy fishing with a partner, we definitely think this boat is worth purchasing.

Best Family-Friendly Pick

Sevylor Big Basin Kayak

This boat carries not one, not two, but three passengers. It's ideal for families and groups. This is one of the largest inflatable fishing canoes on the market and we absolutely love it. This boat can handle up to 490 pounds, more than any of the other models featured in our inflatable fishing kayak reviews. This means more room for big catches, even with all of your family members or friends.

This inflatable fishing canoe has spray covers. You do not have to worry about big splashes or getting wet. The seats are adjustable. Any age family member can sit comfortably in this boat. The seats are also removable. If you do not need all three you can remove a seat or two and have more room for supplies and big fish.

This boat is designed with strong PVC to ensure stability. It's safe for the whole family and is ideal for calm water like a lake. We do not suggest taking this inflatable fishing canoe out on heavy rapids or choppy water due to its size.

Inflating and deflating is made easy with an airtight system and double threaded valve. Set up is a quick and painless process. This kayak ensures fun for the whole family and is the best family-friendly option on our buying guide this year.

Which Inflatable Fishing Kayak is Best for You?

There is no right or wrong answer to which inflatable fishing kayak will be the best for you. Each kayaker has different preferences and needs, which will influence which inflatable fishing canoe they pick. The same goes for you and your needs.

  • Quality: If you are not concerned with money, we highly suggest buying a higher quality inflatable with as many features as possible. This will enhance your fishing experience overall and typically means greater durability. If you are able to purchase your dream inflatable fishing kayak, then the Sea Eagle 420x Explorer is the way to go.
  • Experience: Your experience level with fishing in kayaks is a big factor that will affect which boat is best suited for you. Different types of inflatable fishing kayaks are easier or harder to maneuver and may require more skill. For beginners, the Intex Explorer K2 will give you the control you need to get used to kayaking. This is a great boat for kayakers of all experience levels but will be especially handy for those who have not ventured out on a kayak before. More experienced individuals will love the versatility available with the Advanced Elements Straitedge Angler Kayak.
  • Users: Keep in mind the number of people who will typically use the kayak and how often you plan on taking it out. If you are not someone who likes riding solo, look for a two or three seated option like the Sevylor Big Basin or the Sevylor Coleman Colorado. These provide more seating without sacrificing important space for gear and equipment. If the number of people using your kayak will vary from time to time, consider an option with removable seats. Most of the inflatable fishing kayaks featured in our buying guide offer a removable seating option for more or less space as needed.
  • Longevity: The features available in some higher priced kayaks may be less useful to you. We believe durability is the most important part of any inflatable fishing canoe. You do not want to end up spending money on costly repairs. In this case, this typically ends up being more expensive in the long-run. For the best durability, the Sevylor Tahiti Hunt and Fish Kayak are the best-of-the-best. It has great safety measures to avoid punctures in the inflatable and also has protective covers to prevent wear.
  • Budget: We understand that money is sometimes not an expendable object for many, and that is why we included the best affordable inflatable fishing kayak for a tight budget These kayaks all ring in at various prices to include budgets of all kind, but the best priced inflatable fishing kayak on the market is the Sevylor Quikpak K5. This boat comes from a trusted brand and has many great features despite the low price.

Once you’ve narrowed down your must-have features, it’s time to make your purchase! We hope this guide has been useful in your hunt for the best inflatable kayak for you and your family. Check out our best-recommended models and decide for yourself.

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